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Our Services

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Webb & Baker works with each client to determine a customized scope of services, based on their objectives and the size and complexity of their home.

Ongoing Home and Estate Management

  • Manage Ongoing Service Providers (e.g., Housekeepers and Gardeners)
  • Establish Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan
  • Oversee Scheduled Maintenance and Responsive Repairs
  • Source and Supervise Top-Tier Service Providers
  • Compile and Track Work Histories and Service Records
  • Create and Track Household Budget and Expenses
  • Pay Household Expenses
  • Provide Monthly Reporting

Seasonal and Second Home Services

  • All Core Services
  • Perform Regular Site Visits and Detailed Property Checks
  • Prepare Home Pre-Arrival and Secure Post-Departure
  • Provide Alarm Response and Emergency Support

New Home Services

  • Create Annual Maintenance Schedule
  • Set Up Systems Service Contracts
  • Gather and Index Warranties
  • Compile Care Instructions
  • Cull and Rank Actionable Items from Inspection Report
  • Source Best In Class Vendors and Quotes
  • Oversee Repairs and Improvements
  • Support With Ad-Hoc Projects

Additional Services

  • Coordinate Vehicle Maintenance
  • Procure Any and All Household Goods
  • Oversee Improvements
  • Manage Special Projects